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King of Fighters '99
Storyline of King of Fighters '99, The
The moment that thunderous rumbling in my ears begins, the color drains from the surrounding landscape and I fall into darkness.

In this darkness, the feeling that cool drops are falling on my body continues for some time.
And then the sensation suddenly stops. My body goes limp, but I still can open my eyes.
I regain my sight with difficulty, and someone's approaching palm appears right before my eyes.
The darkness swallows me once again. I, along with my consciousness, am sucked back into the darkness.

I don't know how long I've been asleep. As before, I am still enshrouded in the darkness.

But now I know I'm awake.

At times I feel as if something is sucking me upward. I feels like I'm going to hurl.
At odd moments, I recall the forms of old acquaintances that have nothing to do with my current predicament.

A voice comes next.

I can't make out whose voice it is, and it asks me things I can't quite understand: 'Are you Kyo Kusanagi?' 'I'll have your data now.' And the voice that seems to be calling to someone passes through my ears, echoing in my head: "Krizalid,' K'."

But whatever I hear, I choose to ignore.
I absolutely do not want to voluntarily answer any questions.
A transformation takes place just as I begin to think how long will I be like this.

I hear a throbbing sound.

It is a throbbing sound within me.
At the same time, a familiar fever seizes me.

It's my blood.

The blood begins to course through my veins.
The ferocity of the throbbing increasesムso much so that I want to cover my ears.
In the midst of this I hear a voice calling to me. The throbbing is louder and I have trouble hearing it. The throbbing then consists of a variety of other noises, and it transforms into a blast, as if something's exploding. The voice calling to me is faint, but I can certainly hear it.

Someone is calling me.

"Kyo," it says.

Along with the voice that summons me, I see a light in the distance, albeit faintly.
I squint, trying to make out what it is.
But the light grows in an instant and my surroundings become visible.

I'm surrounded in a sea of flame. Smoke fills the air and I have trouble breathing. An alarm echoes in my ears.
When I am finally able to see and hear clearly, I become aware that the throbbing that is growing even more intense are the explosions occurring around me, and they shoot flames into the air.
A man blocks my way.

"So, was it you who was calling me?!"

The man does not attempt to answer; in fact he seems absolutely paralyzed with fear. I can make out a mark on the man's collar.


The instant I attempt to ask what this mark means, the blast wave of an explosion knocks the man and me backward. When I come to I wonder how long I was out and realize it was only an instant. The smoke seems to have subsided and I realize I have been thrown several meters clear of the fire.
The next thing I hear is not the sound of explosions but one of shattering glass.
Some sort of fluid spills to the floor and it seems to vaporize, surrounding me with a choking heat.
Just when I come to the realization that I have to get out of here, something touches my feet.


A corpse. Not only's my corpse.
And it's not just at my feet, the whole room is filled with me, corpses of me are strewn all over the place.
I put two and two together quickly; the meaning of my interrogation while I was in darkness suddenly becomes obvious to me.

"...Make a monkey of me will you...!!!"

I unleash the flames fly from my fists. But I don't let them all out at once, I let the irresolute flames smolder at my fingertips.

"My power as well..."

Nothing seems to matter. All I can do is fill the room in flame with all the power at my command. From the roaring flames, I can this time clearly hear a voice beckoning me.


There's no need to think; it's his voice."

I leave the room. I'm buffeted with the shockwave of a fiercer explosion.

"NESTS...This is going to cost you big time...!!!"
The flames continue to smolder from my fists, as if imploring me to take action.

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