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Guilty Gear
After the retirement of Kliff Undersn, master swordsman Ky Kiske was given leadership of the Sacred Order of Holy Knights at the unbelievably young age of 16. As a symbol of his new status, he was granted one of the Order's most holy treasures... the blade called Thunderseal. The appointment was not a mistake; Ky and his band of heroic Knights ended the 100-year-long Crusades by sealing the dread Gear, Justice, away for all eternity... or so it was thought.
Five years after the dissolution of the Order, Ky continued his life of public service by entering the police force. One day while on duty, Ky received an announcement: A tournament was to be held soon, the winners of which would be candidates for a Second Sacred Order. Things did not seem right: Permission to shed blood during the matches, an absurdly large grand prize, and most shocking of all... talk of Justice's resurrection, much too soon.

Sensing the cold machinations of conspiracy at work, Ky dons the old uniform of the Order for the first time in five years and decides to enter.

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