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Pre History
Born of American businessman Michael Cash and his wife Delores Cash during a business trip in Japan, Jeremy Cash began his life in the fast-paced world of international business. By the age of two he had been in over 28 countries. Tragically, his parents perished shortly before his fourth birthday in a plane crash that left him barely alive in the Japanese mountains.

Rescued and adopted by a local Japanese farmer, Jeremy began his formative years as the only gaijin (foreigner) in the town of Kyosaka where he was raised. In order to help him, the farmer began to teach Jeremy martial arts. Rapidly overtaking his master, Jeremy quickly developed his own individual techniques, taking advantage of his seemingly supernatural light weight to allow him to extend his talents past that of other martial artists.

Soon after his 16th birthday, Jeremy returned to witness the death of his adopted father at the hands of the Ninja. Hired by a wealthy land owner, the Ninja had been sent to "convince" Jeremy's father to sell his family's land to the local baron. Swearing to avenge his father, Jeremy disappeared into the underworld of Tokyo to hone his skills.

Reemerging as Konotori, the Stork, with his father's death to avenge, Jeremy has entered the tournament for revenge and not glory.

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