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King of Fighters '00
Storyline of King of Fighters 2000, The
TAKUMA: "Hey! Yuri, can't you wait?"
YURI: "Ab-so-lute-ly not! Joining up with you guys again is something that I absolutely won't do."

The usual parent-child fight takes place in the Kyokugen Karate gym.
YURI: "How long do I have to be a Kyokugen Karate slave?! It was the same last time! And the time before that! And before that, and that, and that! And even before that!!! I've entered the KOF tournament with you before, so this time, absolutely! Absolutely! Absolutely! No!"
This time the quarrel is more fierce than usual.
YURI: "Why don't you just back off! You and Ryo are more than enough to advertise the greatness of the Way of Kyokugen."
Yuri pick up her luggage with this and rushes quickly into the hallway.
Just as she puts her shoes on at the entryway, Ryo shows up.
RYO: "Yuri, are you okay? I know that you're strong enough to go your own way. That's exactly why Pop thinks it would devastate us if you don't enter on our team."
YURI: "I know, Ryo. But I'm not a kid that needs you, Robert, and Pop to watch over me anymore. I want to strike out on my own as an independent fighter!"
RYO: "I know that, but...."
YURI: "What's more, you don't have to worry about the void I create. I've asked a powerful substitute to take my place!"
RYO: "What? A substitute? Who could that be?"
YURI: "That's for me to know and you to find out. Well, see you, big bro'!"
RYO: "Hey, Hey, Yuri...Oh, that little twerp...And just what does she mean by arranging for a substitute?"

Meanwhile, here at Southtown's "Bar-Illusion" owned by the famous woman fighter King...
KING: "H-Hey, hold on there. Why won't everything work out if I don't join the Kyokugen Karate team?!"
YURI: "Please! You're the only one I can ask, King!"
KING: "Just what is going on with your team, anyway, Yuri? Have you got all your team members?"
YURI: "Yeah. Three of them are certain. One space remains undecided, and I wanted you to be that person, but...If I'm to succeed in getting out of the Kyokugen team, I can't think of a better substitute than you, King! Not only that, King, I know you're hot for my brother...."
KING: "Uh, I don't think he's exactly hot for me...not in that way, at least...."
YURI: "King! I'm begging you! I'll be indebted for you for life!"
Yuri bows deeply for her acceptance.
KING: "Hey there, stop it. Ah...Well, what can I do? ...Well, okay. I guess I'll join the Kyokugen Karate team this year!"
YURI: "R-Really? Thank you so much, King!"
KING: "However, your Yuri Team must win its way to the finals!"
YURI: "OK, King! Let's all give it our best shot! Well, see you!"
KING: "Huh?! You're leaving already?"
YURI: "Yup! I got to find my fourth member! I'm outta here!"
Yuri pops the door open and skips out of sight.

KING: "H-Hey! Yuri! In and out like a gale, that girl is."
The time flies by in an instant and only a few weeks remain until the tournament.

ROBERT: "Hey, Ryo! Just what's the word?"
RYO: "Oh, Robert. What's with the red face?"
ROBERT: "It's Yuri. It looks like she's up and joined another team this time around! Just what's going on?!"
RYO: "And that's why you flew here all the way from Italy. You really do have a lot of free time!"
ROBERT: "Just what do you mean by that?! You know how I feel about Yuri!"
RYO: "It's not that! I'm not trying to tear you two apart. It's just that Yuri decided on her own to join another team."
ROBERT: "Oh? Then what's this all about?"
The newspaper lists the major entrants of this year's tournament.
RYO: "What's up? It mentions the change in members for the Kyokugen Karate team and the leading member of the Woman Fighters team King will substitute for Yuri Sakazaki...Hmm. ...What?! King?!"
ROBERT: "Yup! It's obvious that you finagled this to get closer to King and eighty-sixed my sweet little Yuri!"
RYO: "Hey, lighten up, Robert! I just learned about this this very moment!"
ROBERT: "You better tell me the truth! Dragon Blast Punch!!"

Ryo barely manages to evade this attack.

RYO: "Hey! Are you really cruising for a bruising?"
ROBERT: "Hey! I'm about to lose it!"
TAKUMA: "Would you two cut it ou-uuuuuuuut!"
At that instant, a clap of thunder rumbles through the gym.
TAKUMA: "You two fools! Just what is going on here?!"
RYO: "Pop..."
ROBERT: "Master..."
TAKUMA: "Rancid rice balls! You two just never grow up, do you? You two! Hey, by the way, Ryo, you have a visitor!"
RYO: "For me?"
KING: "Hi, Ryo, Robert! You both are looking good."

The person that appears from behind Takuma is none other than King.
RYO: "King!?"

ROBERT: "Oh, Oh! Kissy, kissy. It's getting kind of hot in here!"
Robert apparently has lost it as his little hissy-fit shows.
KING: "Oh, Robert, Ryo's telling you the truth when he says he didn't know about this. I didn't call on him until the members were listed in the paper. Not only that, Yuri was the one who decided to remove herself from the Kyokugen Karate team. And then she asked me to take her place in your little group."
RYO: "I'm sorry, King. What with you having to leave your own team for Yuri's sake...."
KING: "No, problem. It looks like this may turn out to be a good experience. I've never been able to join another team until now. You just might be able to teach me a thing or two."
RYO: "King...."
ROBERT: "Hold on there! I can't consent to this! In order for her to join the Kyokugen Karate team, she's going to need the necessary ability! She's going to have to show us what she's got."
RYO: "Robert! You know well and good she's got more than enough..."
King cuts off Ryo.
KING: "Well, that suits me just fine, Ponytail Boy. I'm sure your willing to indulge me. I guess you'll do as a test of my abilities."
TAKUMA: "Very well! Let's have a little match in the gym!

Robert and King pile on the kicks. And each time for countless times the match ends in a stalemate. The two breathe heavily, and it's clear they've taken this as far as it can go.

ROBERT: "Pant, pant...You live up to your legend...You weren't a bodyguard just for show, I see."
KING: "You're no slouch yourself...You certainly are...the Mighty Tiger of the Way of Kyokugen..."
The two both look like as if one more kick would send them both to the floor.
ROBERT: "Okay, King! Breaks over. Gyah!"
KING: "Aaah!"

Once again the two pile heavy kick upon heavy kick on each other. It's impossible for either of them to try to attack any more.

TAKUMA: "OK, boy and girl, show's over."
RYO: "Are you guys okay? King! Robert!"
KING: "Ah, I'm okay.... But I'm a little drained from going at it with such a worthy opponent. What a kickfest that was!"
ROBERT: "I...was just going to say that...."
TAKUMA: "So, Robert?! Any more complaints about allowing King to join our Kyokugen team?"
ROBERT: "No, I have no complaints...Master...?"
TAKUMA: "Well, King, I think you get the message. We'd be honored to have you join us...."
KING: "I got it. Takuma...I won't disgrace the Kyokugen name."

TAKUMA: "Well, then we join the KOF tournament with these members! We'll be invincible, of course! We're going all the way!"

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