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King of Fighters '96
Storyline of King of Fighters '96, The
England. Mai Shiranui energetically bursts into King's bar "Illusion."
MAI: "K-King! We're in a real pickle!!!"
King, in the midst of closing up her bar, is struck dumb by Mai's outburst but manages a response.
KING: "Wh-what's all this then, Mai?!"
MAI: "I-it's...this year's King of Fighters! Yuri won't be teaming up with us!"
KING: "What?! Yuri?!"
MAI: "Yeah! It seems that Yuri is a part of her father's designs, so if we don't find a replacement, we won't be able to join the competition."
KING: "...Really? Well, it looks like things are working out to my advantage...."
MAI: "Huh...?"
KING: "...Mai. As a matter of fact, this is a little hard to say...."
MAI: "What is it?"
KING: "I want out of this year's tournament."
MAI: "Huh?! What did you say?"
Mai can't believe her ears.
KING: "...My younger brother was in an accident just the other day."
MAI: "Your little brother?!"
KING: "Yeah, it was no big deal, but he's my only kin. I'd like to be by his side. ...So this time around, I'm sorry but...."
MAI: "O-OK, I understand. I hope your brother gets well as soon as possible. I'm sure this must be tough on you, so hang in there, OK?"
KING: "I'm sorry, Mai. I'm sorry I can't help you. Hey, isn't your boyfriend...yeah, it's Andy, isn't it? How's he doing?"
MAI: "...Andy always enters as one of the three stooges..."
KING: " that so.... W-well, how about staying the night here?"
MAI: "...No. I've reserved a hotel room nearby, so don't put yourself out. See you...!"
And with that, Mai bursts out of the bar.
KING: "Ah, Mai!"

Mai looks heart-broken as she walks through the town.
MAI: "Looks like I'm all alone again...."
Feeling pathetic, Mai's face flushes red and she loses her composure.
When she comes to her senses, she realizes that tears are flowing down her cheeks.

After Mai leaves, King remains alone in "Illusion."
KING: "The King of Fighters, huh...?"
King gaze fixes onto a flashy ad broadcast on her bar's tele.

The next day, Mai packs her bags in preparation to return home to Japan.
MAI: "Sigh. I've exhausted all my options; they didn't pan out.... So much for this year's KOF."
Mai heaves a sigh of disappointment.
The doorbell to Mai's room rings.
MAI: "Yeah. Is it the bellboy? I'm coming!"
But just at the moment Mai opens the door, "BAM!" A stinging fist comes toward Mai's face.
Mai barely avoids it.
MAI: "Wh-what the?"
Mai is momentarily dazed but she realizes her opponent's a woman and her mode of combat appears to be some sort of ancient martial art. She closes in on the retreating Mai, gradually pushing her out into the hall.
MAI: "Uh!"
As she grunts, Mai repeats a series of kicks. The woman slips by the attack.
MAI: "There's a lot more where that came from, sister!"
Mai adds a special move to her attack.
MAI: "Dragon Flame Romp!"
The flames alight on the hakama-wearing woman.
This attack catches her off guard, but the woman in the hakama manages to guard against the attack and winces.
MAI: "Ahh!"
Mai rushes toward the woman in the hakama.
She unleashes her Deadly Ninja Bees.
Mai guards against the onrushing woman. She grabs onto Mai.
At that moment...
"OK, that's enough!"
The two look in the direction of the voice. A single woman stands in the doorway.
MAI: "K-King!"
Seeing the figure of King, the woman dressed in the hakama releases Mai and begins to speak.
WOMAN: "Forgive me for being so rough. I am Kasumi Todoh. King told me all about you and I felt I had to come and greet you, Mai."
MAI: "Huh? King? And why couldn't you just settle for a simple ŽÔhello' or something?"
KING: "That's right. I directed her here. She's our new team member."
KASUMI: "That's right. I've been dying to enter King of Fighters. But along with entering the tournament, I'd sure love to win it. This little scuffle tells me that you've got what it takes. With you on our side, I know winning the competition is no mere pipe dream."
MAI: "H-huh...? So why are you here, King?"
KING: "Uh-yeah. My kid brother saw right through me. He said he didn't want to see his sister without her usual glow. He prefers to see me in action and told me he's so proud of seeing me fight. When he told me he wants me to enter the competition, battle it out, and win, I realized then I could do more for him winning KOF than sitting by his bedside.
MAI: "Th-then, King..."
KING: "Yup...! I'm in, of course!"
MAI: "A-all right! If you're with me King, I have no complaints!"
KING: "Well, that's settled then! Mai! Kasumi! We're going for the top!"
KASUMI: "You said it."
MAI: "Naturally! This one's for King's kid brother!"

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