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King of Fighters '95
Storyline of King of Fighters '95, The
King is tending bar on the graveyard shift at her tavern. As she spies the time, she mumbles with a sigh.
KING: "It should be anytime now."
And just as she utters this, Yuri perkily pops into her place of business.
YURI: "Howdy-do, Kingly-poo!"
King appears overwhelmed by her perkiness.
KING: "Geez.... I saw this coming down Main Street...."
YURI: "Aw come on...I thought I'd surprise you coming all the way to England, so why don't you look at least a little surprised?"
KING: "Now hold on there, toots...."
Just then, the door opens and in waltzes Mai.
MAI: "King! Konnichiwa-ha-ha!!!"
YURI: "Mai! Konnichiwa-ha-ha to you!"
MAI: "Oh, Yuri! Long time, no see!"
KING: "Good grief.... You guys are easier to read than the funny papers."
MAI: "Aw, geez. Are we so predictable...?"
KING: "I got one of these, too...."
King produces a King of Fighters invitation from her breast pocket.
YURI: "Aw, nuts! Well, it'll save me some breath. So, we're teaming up again, right?"
KING: "Uh, I hate to say this...."
MAI: "What's wrong, King? You don't mean...."
KING: "I'm sorry, guys...I'm thinking about sitting this one out."
YURI: "What?! What do you mean?! If you're not with us, we'll...."
MAI: "Yeah! We three are supposed to be inseparable!"
YURI: "Tell us why. Why?!
King casts looks down grimly, and then her shoulders begin to shake and she burst out laughing.
KING: "Haaah, hah, hah, hah!"
MAI, YURI: "...?"
KING: "What a couple of stooges! You fell for it!"
YURI: "Aaaah!!"
MAI: "Oh! You are nasty, girl! You really had us going...."
KING: "I'm sorry. I just couldn't help myself. Seeing you two stooges again...."
MAI: "Well, then, what's it going to be?"
KING: "Hey, I got burned by you once before, remember? I've been waiting for this for a whole year!"
YURI: "All right! So you're with us and Ryo's gonna get a whippin'!"
MAI: "Looks like the mighty babes are back in action!"
KING: "Since you two are entering, I guess we've just got to win! You with me?"
MAI, YURI: "With you, girl!!!"

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