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King of Fighters '94
Storyline of King of Fighters '94, The
"If I say no, I mean no! Absolutely not! I will absolutely not permit it!"
When she recalls the words of her brother, fuming his objections, Yuri puffs out her cheeks in a pout.
"Who does he think he is that dumb brother of mine! He didn't have to get so peeved! And what a weasel, teaming up with Pop and Robert like that!"
Yuri's still steaming about her spat, but, in an instant, she regains her cool.
"What am I gonna do...? Three members for a team...? Hey, I got it!"

"Man! I can't believe you did that, Andy! How unfeeling can you be?"
Just when Mai thought they'd be entering together...
Mai, at her wit's end, mumbles. Andy has quickly teamed up with Joe and Terry, and all of her other possibilities have not panned out.
"Oh, what in the name of the Supreme Ninja am I going to do...?"
A girl of the same age suddenly appears before Mai, whose shoulders droop from dejection.
"Mai...Shiranui, I presume?"
Yuri Sakazaki, quite unlike her normally perky self, addresses the ninja rather stiffly, owing perhaps to the fact that this is their first meeting.
"Why yes. Yes, I am...May I do something for you?"
Yuri replies:
"Well, as a matter of fact...that is...."
"What? You, too?"
"Really?! Wow, that's so harsh!!!"
A few minutes after their first meeting, the two have completely opened up to each other.
"But where are we going to find another person to team up with us?"
Mai poses this question to her newfound soul sister.

"Yeah, she's in England."
"What?!! In England?!"

And in no time the ravishing Women Fighters Team is ready for KOF action.

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