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King of Fighters '94
Storyline of King of Fighters '94, The
"Hey, look, Dad! It's so cool!"
The kids, blushing, call Kim.
"What's up there, Dong and Jae? Oh!"
The shape of Chang Koehan appears on the prison's surveillance system. The image is grainy, but the figure that is smashing down the prison appears like a monster and his menace is sufficiently conveyed even on the small screen.
"Why would someone of such power not use it for justice? I got it. I will bring this beast to his senses!"
The news makes it apparent that this fugitive is still at large. Something must be done. Kim runs from his house to ascertain Chang's whereabouts.

It is well beyond nightfall and the hush of darkness shrouds the city. ...Then suddenly!
"Oooh-hyo, hyo, hyo, hyo!!"
Just as he becomes aware of the bizarre screech, the flash of razor-sharp blades dances in the pale city lights and fall on Kim.
Just when he thinks he managed avoiding the attack, another follows. Kim is sure it's coming from the right, and the assailant flies down from above. A quite nimble opponent is he. The attack is never-ending, no matter what the defence.
Just as the criminal's talons, which seem like deadly razors, line up with Kim's throat...
"Flying Swallow Slicer!"
In an instant of vulnerability, Kim busts a move on the nighttime visitor.
"Ooh-hyo! Ya got me, buddy-boy!"
Before Kim lies Choi Bounge, a timid little man with one freakishly pale visage. Kim is again pained that yet another individual with such surprising power is using his abilities for evil.
"Very well, I shall teach you the way, so long as evil still lurks in this world!" Kim intones while clenching the King of Fighters invitation.

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