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Soul Calibur IV
Storyline of Soul Calibur 4
His body profaned by the Evil Seed sown by Soul Edge, Kilik devoted himself to war against the cursed sword. He trained hard, mastered the art of purging evil, and took an oath to purify Soul Edge once and for all. Only then could he atone for the lives he had taken while evil had ensnared his soul. If there was one answer Kilik arrived at following his training, it was this: Soul Calibur was a being extremely similar to Soul Edge. The key lay in balancing the two blades' torrential power; finding a way that their opposing mights would cancel each other out.

Kilik had been travelling with Xianghua since reuniting with her during his quest. He knew Xianghua had feelings for him, but he could not return those feelings. Something about xianghua reminded him of Xianglian, the woman he had once loved as an older sister. Each of her smiles only brought back memories of his past, of when he had muredered Xianglian with his own hands.

From this, Kilik took resolve. As the Concillator, he faced a brutal road ahead. He must find and maintain just the right equilibrium to keep the scales from tipping toward one great force or the other forever.

(I cannot involve Xianghua in this fate I have chosen for myself.)

The two drew ever closer to Ostrheinsburg, the final battleground. Yet Kilik was determined to move on alone when the time came.

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