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Soul Calibur
Storyline of Soul Calibur
Kilik, raised at the Ling-Sheng Su Temple deep within China, was chosen to inherit a rod called "Kali-Yuga" after many years of training. This weapon was one of the three sacred treasures of the temple.

However, the Evil Seed had rained down upon the temple and caused its people to lose their sanity and a blood bath ensued.

Kilik was able to keep his sanity under the protection of the "Dvapara-Yuga," but was forced to defend himself against those who were under the spell of the Evil Seed. In doing so, he killed his sworn sister and others dear to him.

When Kilik regained consciousness, the old man who saved him told him the truth. Kilik and the Kali-Yuga were both still under the demonic influence of the Evil Seed. The only thing that separated Kilik from madness was the Dvapara-Yuga slung around his shoulder. And the source of all this evil was the demonic blade Soul Edge!

Kilik trained under the old master, and after learning how to control the evil within himself and the Kali-Yuga, embarked on a quest to purify himself and his weapon.

Edge Master taught Kilik

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