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Soul Calibur 3
Arthur was born in Britain, sailed across the sea when he was still young and was adopted in Japan. But there he was considered a more novel property by a local warlord, never treated as a human being.

As he grew older, he sought something that he can prove himself with--a sword. He immersed himself in battle, losing an eye along the way, but he gained unshakable confidence, a companion and a daughter in exchange.

Now that he has gained something worth protecting, he desired an achievement that everyone would respect. He needed recognition and acceptance to shield his companion and daughter from public scrutiny.

The Azure Knight and the legendary Soul was only one of many rumors that drifted from foreign lands. Still, Arthur felt his greatest achievement would be to defeat this inhuman knight and claim this sword as his own. He thus left his companion and daughter in Japan and headed for the continent.

But the journey to capture the fabled sword was perilous. especially with no leads in a foreign land. The deformed knight's whereabouts eluded him, and he was constantly reminded of his powerlessness. He gained valuable experience though--he grasped the vastness of this world and realized that regardless of the situation, for better or for worse, humans were only humans.

He now appreciated what was important in life, understood what he had to accomplish and that his agony was trivial.

A year had passed since he set off to obtain the sword, and he begin his return back home to Japan. He carried with him a single proof of his journey, the one lead he found in a deserted town--a piece of metal said to be a fragment of Soul Edge.

His companion waited faithfully for his return to Japan. Without a word, he embraced her and presented her with the fragment that he no longer needed. They exchanged their vows, and he returned to the life he knew, going from one battlefield to another, in order to feed his family. No matter how distinguished his accomplishments were on the battlefield, he was treated no different. Still, those curious stares no longer caused him distress or torment.

For a while the rhythm of life did not change. Two years after he wed, a pandemic broke out in the village they lived in. Fortunately, no one in Arthur's family caught the disease and his wife, who believed that teh metal fragment from the foreign land saved them, was ecstatic. She started carrying the fragment wherever she went. As the epidemic subsided, the village returned to normal, but his wife became frequently ill.

One day, Arthur returned home from the battlefield and heard what sounded like a body collapsing in the back room. He opened the door to find his wife slumped to the ground with his daughter crying next to her. As he approached her, he saw that her body had turned an alarming color. Her breath was shallow, yet her eyes were gleaming with life. Realizing that this was an emergency, he brought the most prestigious doctor to examine her. All he could do, however, was tell Arthur that she was near death. He could do nothing but watch her suffer, in vain, until one day she left his life for the next.

A short man robed in bizarre attire visited Arthur immediately after the incident. He claimed to be a traveling physician, who visited because he heard of his wife's condition. However, engulfed in anger and sadness from the loss of his wife, he barked at the man to go away.

"Probably caused by the fragment..." muttered the short man as he left.

His words stunned Arthur. He scrambled to call the man, but he was nowhere to be seen.

After the funeral, he put his crying daughter to bed and contemplated the words that were left by the short man. If what the man said was true, then the person responsible for his wife's death...was none other than himself. The path he must take was clearly set--the legendary sword, no the cursed sword Soul Edge, must be destroyed. In order to undo his wrongs, he must prevent similar tragedies from ever happening again.

The following day, Arthur prepared for the journey ahead, and then boarded a ship with his daughter to foreign lands once again. He had yet to lay eyes on the cursed sword, but his unclouded blue eyes seemed squarely locked onto it.

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