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King of Fighters '94
Storyline of King of Fighters '94, The
Deep in the mountains, a good distance from civilization, there lived a man named Chin Gentsai. The invitation from "R" even finds its way here.
"Hmm. What is this King of Fighters anyway...?"
Chin Gentsai, the master of this temple, lets out a deep sigh.
The master senses that there is something a bit fishy about this invitation.

"Hah! Ah-eee! Dah!"
A chirping voice, not unlike that of a peeping bird, is heard off in the distance. The answering voice of a young boy intermingled with shouts is also audible.
"Yah! Cha! Ungh-gyah! Hey yah! Try this on for size!"
The name of the girl is Athena Asamiya; her male sparring partner, Sie Kensou. The two are Psychic Soldiers, training under the tutelage of Chin.
The two have sharpened their skills considerably, as if they have found new purpose to their training.

"This tournament may just be the perfect opportunity to see what results our training has yielded...."
The old master calls the practicing duo to him.

"Listen up, you two. This letter that I just got is an invitation to a fighting tournament. I think it'll be an opportunity to get an indication of how effective our training has been, don't you?"
"Oh, that's a great idea. I'm all for it! Athena, just sit back and check me out! I'll be one impressive sight to behold! They'll love me! I'm kid you not."
"Hush, Kensou, the Master said this is to determine the results of our training...not pick up chicks!" Athena chides, a little miffed at her fellow disciple.

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