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Street Fighter 3: Third Strike Endings
Storyline of Street Fighter 3: Third Strike
Ken: Here we go! Sho... Ryuuuu... Kennnn!
Announcer: Oh no! He doesn't seem to be getting back up! The battle is over!! Showing the strength that we've come to expect, the winner is Ken! Three U.S. Championships in a row! History has been made! This is an exciting moment for Ken, his family, and his friends!
Ken: See? I knocked him out in 30 seconds, as I promised! Oh yeah! Here you go, Sean... This is for you! The U.S. Championship trophy... You wanted it, right?
Sean: M... Master! That's not what I meant! It's meaningless if I did not win it with my own effort!
Ken: Oh, is that so? You shouldn't be too worried about that. At the very least, you must pass the qualifying rounds next time! But... You won't be the winner, since you can't beat me! Ha ha ha!

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