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The darkness and the light... Everything is in my hands now!
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NEOGEO Battle Coliseum
Storyline of Neo Geo Battle Coliseum
The secret syndicate NESTS endowed K' with the special abilities of Kyo Kusanagi.
And the destruction of NESTS, K' and his friends finally thought they could at least spend their lives in peace, but any respite was fleeting at best. The military industry division of WAREZ sought to apply the technology used in them for use in their human weapons. "Hmph...There's only so much of this non-sense I can take". Just how many of his pursuers who had unendingly hunted him down had he disposed of?
Going on the defensive won't be the answer to his future. As it had been with NESTS, there's no way to find a chance for victory if you don't enter the belly of the beast. Then WAREZ announced its sponsorship of the fighting competition Battle Coliseum. A trap perhaps...?For him, the choice was simple.
Now, as always.

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