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Power Instinct 2
Grandson of one of the eight children from the first Goketsuji generation, Kanji has been a devoted practitioner of martial arts since he was a child. Becoming the strongest man in Japan was his goal and spent almost all of his time perfecting every technique, later he gained fame as a very powerful warrior.

In one of his journeys, Kanji met a man named Gennai Hattori who was also very strong and was defeated by him. Afterwards, Kanji started to get interested in the art of ninjutsu and asked Gennai to teach him. Gennai accepted Kanji as training partner.

During his training Kanji met Gennai's younger sister, Sakurako Hattori and after a some time they became lovers. Unfortunately, stories about his adventures and strength where heard by Goketsuji Oshima, an ambitious woman that is convinced that only strong people have the right to belong to the Goketsuji family. Oshima tracked him down and forced him to break up with his girlfriend in order to get married with her young daughter, Oume.

When Kanji met Oume, he thought that maybe everything will be fine... after all, Oume was a beautiful girl. But soon he discovered that she not only had incredible strength but also an evil personality and was constantly humiliated by her. Kanji couldn't stand this situation and soon got himself divorced from Oume a few weeks after their wedding.

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