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Soul Calibur IV
Storyline of Soul Calibur 4
Once, during the Heian Period, there was an oni girl whose reckless destruction of the capital caused her to be magically restrained by an onmyodo practitioner. The way she saw it, she was simply following the instincts she was born with. Why did humans have to be so terribly narrow-minded? Still, having been given a thorough tongue lashing, Kamikirimusi decided to be good and submit to her restraints.

One day, she realized she had control of her body again. The restraints were gone! Merily, her friends swarmed out of the pit that had been their place of confinement. But wait, she thought. Our captor told us we must s tay longer! Kamikirimusi felt torn at first, but honest by nature as she was, she decided to keep her promise and wait quietly in the pit for the appointed time to come.

Six hundred years passed. Japan had now entered a period of civil war, and nearly all the supernatural power once feared in the capital was gone. Kamikirimusi's friends were nowhere to be found; they had all either been vanquished or faded away after their release. But either way, she was finally free. s she took her first steps, something reached her ears; some power beyond that of any human. Yes, this power was supernaturall clower in nature to one of her kind. A great power that could set the world trembling.

Drawn to it, she took another step. Then another. New friends were waiting, she could feel it.

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