Fei Long (Street Fighter Alpha 3) says...
Remembering why you lost is more important than winning...
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Last Blade 2 Endings
Storyline of Last Blade 2, The
Kouryu: Splendid... To be beaten again. The irony of it all!
Kagami: It seems you lost your self, a bit.
Gaisei: I was pathetic... I was possessed by... I underestimated the power... the horrid power of Hades. I lost my sanity... The foolishness! Before I lose myself again, begin the rites! Send me away!
Genbu Okina: Hoh, hoh, hoh! It looks like it's over.
Kagami: Master...
Genbu Okina: I don't know what happened, but you're lookin' good. Quite the adult, Shinnosuke.
Kagami: ...Hmph.
Genbu Okina: But why has one who gave up on humans?..
Kagami: They're too strange. Don't you think? Their essence contains evil, but they have such potential! Always moving forward! Finally doing what's right. Or so I want to believe.
Or so it is hoped... Folly would never march again.

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