Kaede / Kim Doohan / Kim Du-han (KOR) Variations


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NEOGEO Battle Coliseum
Storyline of Neo Geo Battle Coliseum
Kaede, having defeated Shinnosuke Kagami had repelled the threat from the Netherworld for now. He continued his rapid development as the Blue Dragon of the East. However... Hell's Gate was still open.
How to seal it still remained a mystery. All the while it continued to exert its eerie influence over this world.
Through the darkness, a shaft of light pierced the gloom. It was so written: "To the victor of the fighting competition 'Battle Coliseum' the promise of money, knowledge, and all forms of remuneration are bestowed."
Should Kaede win, maybe he could gain the knowledge necessary to seal off Hell's Gate.
Kaede holds his sword 'Whirlwind' firmly in his grip.
There is no longer a hint of the once timid boy.
"I will be the one who shuts the Hell's Gate...or I'm not the Blue Dragon of the East!"

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