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King of Fighters '01
Storyline of King of Fighters 2001, The
A pleasant breeze blows through a clear blue sky.

The unbroken laughter of children playing football and baseball echoes throughout Southtown's only park-you guessed its name by now, Southtown Park. A man wearing a familiar red cap makes his way to a group of kids playing basketball.
"Hey, kids! How goes the hoops?!"
"Hey everybody, it's Terry! Awesome! You came again, too, like you promised!"
After a quick pick-up game, Terry sits on a bench to chat with the kids.
"Terry! I've seen all the commercials on TV, so you must know there's another King of Fighters this year! Are you going to enter?!"
"Huh?! Hmm, is that so? This year, too? ...Come to think of it, I've entered every year, haven't I...?
"Gee, Terry, I'd sure like to see you fight again this year! You're this town's hero!"
"Me, too. Seeing you fight gives me courage! Since me, heck, everyone here, is all alone, you're all we got...right?"
Terry always keeps tabs on the boys here in the park. Like them, Terry happens to be an orphan. And like his adoptive father Jeff did with him, he wants to provide them with the courage and hope to overcome their circumstances.
If it allows him the opportunity to keep seeing these kids' smiling faces...then Terry has made up his mind.
"All right! I'm in!"
"You mean it? All right!!!"
Looking at the children's faces, Terry recalls those halcyon days spent with his adoptive father Jeff, and looks off in the distance as he waxes nostalgic. Suddenly, a woman arrives and, dismounting her motorcycle, heads in Terry's direction.
"What's the word, Terry?"
"Oh, Mary! Long time no see. How did you find me here."
"I knew you'd be here. Call it woman's intuition. By the way, you seemed to be having a good time a few minutes ago. I wonder what you were you talking about then."
"As a matter of fact, I've decided to enter this year's KOF tournament. I thought I'd show these little tough guys here just what I'm made of."
"Is that so? Well, as a matter of fact, I've decided to do the same. And my new assignment, as usual, has something to do with KOF."
"The Dickens you say. Then I guess I'll have to help you out, Mary. How about cracking a few skulls together, for old time's sake?"
"Ooh, hoo, hoo, in your dreams. It is true that I've got a job, but that doesn't mean I'm just here on business.... But if you say you're going to enter, shall I put my work aside to help you out?"
"Hmph...you really got a mouth on you. Well, then I'll put it more formally: will you enter with me, again?"
"If you put it that way, of course I will, Terry!"
"Did you see that, kids? Looks like we're going to win this year, too!"

Meanwhile, back in Japan. Andy is focused in his training with a young lad in the hometown of the Shiranuis. The name of Andy's young charge is Hokutomaru.
Andy is practicing hard and shows no mercy toward Hokutomaru, although the kid looks like he's, well, just a kid.
As the day inevitably turns to dusk, training draws to an end and Andy begins to address Hokutomaru.
"You've heard of KOF, haven't you, kiddo...?"
"Of course. You're always rambling on about it, Master."
"Uh, yeah. About KOF then...I got a message from my big brother. And this time I'm going to be on my brother's team again, but...you're coming with me, too. At long last you're going to get a real taste of actual combat."
"OK...Sounds cool!"
"Uh, and one more thing...do you think you could use your wiles and break this news to Mai? If I tried to tell her, well, you know how it goes...don't you?"
"Aw, Master, do I have to go through that again? I always have to smooth things over with you and the Shiranui maiden...Hey, that reminds me: You opened a training gym in Southtown, right? Why don't you keep yourself under wraps there for a while?"
"That's no good. I'm positive Mai already has that place staked out."
"Probably. Tough break, Master. I think you'd better handle this matter yourself. Later!"
In a flash, Hokutomaru scrambles up the trunk of a large pine tree near by, jumps from branch to branch, and in no time disappears into the forest.
"Hey, hold on there! Hey!"
For an instant, Andy looks like he's at the end of his rope, but then a smile comes over his face, as if approving of his little disciple's progress.

Meanwhile, Joe has been devoting his time, day in and day out, to participating in kick boxing matches in Thailand. One day, he takes a break to drop by his old gym.
But returning after a long absence, he finds the gym in a pitiful, run-down state, only a few athletes in residence. Joe spies the Chairman ringside and strikes up a conversation.
"Hey, Chairman, it's been a while. What's going on with the gym? What happened?"
" Oh, Joe! Where have you been keeping yourself...? It's an honor welcoming the Champ here, but our village has had some tough times recently...I wish all my boxers could earn a living doing the old Muetai, but when it comes to merely making a living, there are so many other speedier ways to do it these days. If things keep up like this it'll be just a matter of time before I have to close up shop."
As the Chairman finishes explaining his predicament, a well-worn boxing glove rolls along the floor; he picks it up and strokes it tenderly.
Joe's heart breaks seeing this scene and he cannot suppress a scream of rage.
"Get a grip, Chairman! I'll do anything I can, just promise you won't close the gym."

A few days later, Terry, illuminated by the early morning sun just peeking over the horizon, stands before the gravestone of his dead adoptive father.
Two men approach as Terry places the flowers before the gravestone.
"How's life been treating you these past months, Terry? Landing all your punches?"
"Lookin' good, Andy. So Joe's with you, too? How's it been? I've been hearing a lot of rumors about you."
"Hey! You look the same as ever! I guess it's just not the same without us three together, huh?"
"You said it. And we're supposed to meet up with Mary at the tournament."
With each of their own thoughts in mind, the three set their goals for this year's KOF before Jeff's gravestone.

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