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King of Fighters '97
Storyline of King of Fighters '97, The
Aboard an international flight. Joe, for some reason, looks like he's having fun. Andy, on the other hand, wears his usual mask of gloomy.
JOE: "Hunh? What's the deal there? What's with the sourpuss?"
ANDY: "Sourpuss, shmourpuss. You know what's eating me. You forget the purpose of this little trip is for me to visit my father's grave. So what's your story? Why are tagging along for no reason?"
JOE: "No reason? That's harsh! Come on, you and me. The King of Fighters!"
ANDY: "No way. Last time didn't you brag about entering the next tournament alone and showing the world just who Joe Higashi really was. What happened to that?"
JOE: "No, no, that was no lie, Goldilocks! I really did want to do that. But the pieces of the puzzle don't always fall where you want. This time it looks like I'll have to eat a little crow. Why? Because it's fate...ah, whatever. Anyway, I'm just going with the flow. That is, since my plans got tripped up out of the starting block, I threw in the towel on the whole thing. I'm not exactly facing things positively, am I?"
Andy sighs deeply.
ANDY: "I guess I can't argue with that. Be that as it may, how, then, does entering KOF on a team become a decision for "facing things positively?" If you think about it, it doesn't make much sense."
JOE: "Au contraire, the only way into KOF is on a team. Entering alone is hopeless. But I want in! If I approach the matter positively, entering with you two clowns is the natural solution. I'm not telling you to go all out. If you don't want to fight, then don't. I'll take care of the whole thing myself. At any rate, if I don't have any teammates, then it's all academic. Do you get that?"
ANDY: "I don't remember agreeing to enter! Neither did Terry. What's more...!"
Andy clamps his hand over Andy's mouth and tries to get him to fasten his seatbelt.
ANDY: "Hey...! Joe!"
JOE: "Pipe down! We're about to land. Think about the other passengers, for crying out loud!"
Andy takes a look around the plane. The other passengers are giving him the stink eye. Andy clams up to avoid their collective wrath.
Segue to the cemetery. Terry prays at the foot of the grave of his father, Jeff Bogard. He becomes aware of the sound of approaching footsteps. A woman's voice calls out.
MARY: "Well, well, to what do I owe this pleasure? Fancy meeting you here."
Terry calmly opens his eyes and turns in Mary's direction.
TERRY: "Well, well, Mary. It's been a while, hasn't it? I should be saying the same about you, shouldn't I?"
MARY: "I just happened to be passing by, came across a familiar face, and thought I'd say hello. So what's the story? Whose grave is this?"
TERRY: "Uh, today's the anniversary of my father's death. By the way, when did you blow into town? Are you here on business?"
MARY: "I got in last night. I came here today to discuss the details."
TERRY: "Business, then? Idle hands are the devil's workshop, I guess."
MARY: "Idle hands, eh...? Well, that's not exactly the case."
TERRY: "What? Is it that big of a deal, this little project of yours?"
MARY: "It's no cakewalk. Hasn't it arrived at your place yet? This little surprise?"
As she speaks, Mary pulls out an envelope and passes it to Terry.
TERRY: "The King of Fighters, eh? Nope, haven't got it yet. Are you planning on entering?"
MARY: "Uh-huh. But entering KOF isn't what brought me here. I'm here to investigate one of my teammates this time around."
TERRY: "Investigate a teammate? That sounds pretty dicey. Just who is this...teammate?"
MARY: "You're going to flip!"
TERRY: "?"
MARY: "Ryuji Yamazaki...."
TERRY: "Yamazaki?! Get out of town!"
MARY: "And it sure is tough to find out what rock that creepy-crawly is lurking under. Just thinking about having to follow that freak around gives me the heebie-jeebies. And while I'm looking for this clown, my client informs me of another surprise: Yamazaki has teamed up with Billy."
TERRY: "Billy?! You mean Billy Kane?"
MARY: "The one and only. Billy Kane. If my intel is right, I thought it would be quicker to team up with them. And it looks like my instincts are right."
TERRY: "So you've done it-teamed up with them?"
MARY: "Yup. And it was quite easy."
TERRY: "Yamazaki and Billy.... That sounds pretty fishy."
MARY: "A rotten fishy, more like it. That's what's sticking in my craw. I usually don't worry about my client's identity, but this time...you know? I just have a feeling there's a major syndicate involved...perhaps one like...."
TERRY: "Geese!"
Mary nods without saying a word.
TERRY: "Geese is planning on entering?"
MARY: "No. Not this time. In his stead, he's dispatching Billy, or that's how I could read the situation, huh?"
TERRY: "To what end?"
MARY: "If I knew that, I could go home now, but I just can't say."
TERRY: "If Geese is pulling the strings behind the scenes, maybe I should do a little investigating myself, huh...?"
Before he realizes it, Mary is off on her way. As he looks back, he notices her cranking up her motorcycle which is parked at the cemetery gate.
MARY: "At any rate, I'll enter the tournament and keep my eye on the situation. So...I guess the next time we meet will be at the tournament."
TERRY: "Yeah, maybe. Don't knock yourself out. You will be my opponent."
MARY: "Thanks. And I hope no one special stops you from winning this year!"
Mary leaves the cemetery. Terry, too, begins to head back home. Over his shoulder Terry hears the shouts of a familiar voice.
JOE: "Hey, Terry!"
TERRY: "Joe! What brings you here?"
Overtaking Joe, Andy shouts:
ANDY: "Terry! Don't listen to him! Don't pay any attention to what he has to say!"
The two finally reach Terry. Getting the better of Andy, Joe starts his pitch.
JOE: "Terry-you, me, and Andy! The King of Fighters!"
ANDY: "Absolutely not. Your motives are all whack, Joe!"
JOE: "Oh, you sound like a wimp. Mai'll lose interest with that kind of attitude!"
ANDY: "Don't you dare bring Mai into this!"
JOE: "You're up for it, aren't you? Terry?"
ANDY: "No way! You can count me out, Terry!!!"
TERRY: "Sounds like a plan, that proposition of yours."
JOE, ANDY: "Huh?!"
TERRY: "Let's get going. The King of Fighters awaits!"
JOE: "OK! Good to know someone gets me. Terry, you rule!"
ANDY: "What the...? ...Et tu, Terry?"
TERRY: "Aw, Andy, lighten up. Anyway, you two must be hungry, eh? How about a little lunch at the Pao Pao Caf? We can go over the particulars there."
JOE: "OK, let's go. Let's go, go, go. Hey, Andy! We're in!"
ANDY: "Good grief, both of those guys are totally loopy. Joe and Terry...."

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