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King of Fighters '96
Storyline of King of Fighters '96, The
At the exit to Southtown Airport. Passengers of a flight arriving from Japan stream out of the gate. Among them are Andy and Joe.
ANDY: "...."
Andy's gaze freezes on a large-screen TV positioned above the airport's reception desk. An announcement for the King of Fighters is currently displayed on it.
JOE: "So that's, the ad for this year's King of Fighters? Hmm. I see a few old friends are back in the line-up, but, as I figured, she and her friends don't seem to have teamed up yet.
ANDY: "Yeah. Since I got my invitation first, I teamed up with you guys to avoid the usual squabble we have. But Mai still seemed mightily miffed. The last time she called me, I couldn't get a word in edgewise. She just ranted on and then hung up on me."
JOE: "Whoo. That sounds pretty nasty. If you don't do something about it, you know what's going to happen, eh? It must be pretty tough for a stud like you right before KOF, huh?
Andy lets out a forced laugh. But his grave countenance quickly assumes its grim aspect.
ANDY: "Ah...che sera sera, eh Joe? Let's get going. We can't piddle away the rest of the day here. If we don't hurry to the docks, we'll keep Andy waiting."

At the port to Southtown. A man wearing a denim jacket decorated with stars on the back and sporting a red cap has finished unloading his bags and sits down beside them.
TERRY: "Andy should be arriving here any minute. This's all my stuff, so I guess I'll just wait here."
Suddenly something zips by Terry's ear and knocks his cap to the ground. Terry slowly turns his head.
TERRY: "Oh, it's you...."
There stands a grinning man with a three-jointed cudgel held behind him.
BILLY: "I'm impressed. You were able to anticipate my attack in a split second. You've still got it. Then again, I was just playin' and I'm a little disappointed that I got a piece of you."
TERRY: "Are you planning to enter, too? Enter the King of Fighters?"
BILLY: "Nope, sadly not. Even though I do owe Iori Yagami, I'll have to repay him at another occasion. Then again, maybe I won't have to if you know who gets to him first."
TERRY: "You know who? ...He can't possibly...?!"
A limousine seemingly appears out of nowhere and approaches Billy. It pulls up between Terry and Billy, and the window to the back seat begins to drop slowly.
TERRY: "!!!"
GEESE: "It's been a long time, huh...? It will be a while before this is made public, but I'll be meeting up with you in this year's KOF. I'll explain it so even you can understand it. I'm not pulling the strings behind the scenes this time around. But I will be appearing as an invited guest, just the way I want it. So I'll bury all of you, and make sure it looks like an accident.
TERRY: "!...Why, you...!!"
Terry launches at Geese. Simultaneously, voices call Terry from behind. He looks back to see the two figures of Andy and Joe approaching.
ANDY: "Terry! Huh? Hey, that's...! It's Geese Howard!!!"
Billy snickers at the rapidly approaching Andy and slips into the limo. Its windows slowly close.
GEESE: "I'm looking forward to KOF. You're butt's will be mine the next time we meet. Prepare to die, you gnats!"
Andy catches up with Terry just as the limo pulls out and speeds away. Terry picks up his cap and puts it back on.
ANDY: "Terry! That was Geese, wasn't it? That foul fowl is still alive?!"
Terry pulls his cap down over his eyes.
TERRY: "How long are you going to beat that bad pun into the ground? Yeah, he's alive all right. And he's going to be in this year's KOF...."
ANDY: "Say what?"
Joe belatedly catches up with the two.
JOE: "Oh, boy. Looks like we've stepped into another fine mess. Trouble sticks to you like flies on smelly stuff!"
TERRY: "You said it. But as long as that pest lives...he's always going to be in our ointment."
ANDY: "But do you think he's joining KOF just to get rid of us? That can't be the only reason.... What do you suppose he's up to?"
JOE: "The old fowl's just as foul as ever, eh boys?"
ANDY: "Aw, man. You, too? Anyway, we just may find ourselves in the center of the vortex again. ...What's the plan, Terry?"
JOE: "That's a dumb question, eh, Terry?"
Raising the brim of his hat, Terry looks to the two.
TERRY: "Whatever he's up to, one thing we know for sure is that he'll be in KOF. If he comes up against me, I'll take care of him. I came here to chew bubble gum and kick his ass, and, boys, I'm out of bubble gum. Are you up for the challenge, boys?"
ANDY: "Yeah, anytime, anywhere. Joe?"
JOE: "You bet. In Japan, I was totally in the zone. I'm totally ready to rumble."
TERRY: "Geese, you're the one who'll need to prepare yourself. I'm going to give you a basting you'll never forget!"
ANDY: "For sure! Hey, that was a pretty bad pun there, too, big brother."
JOE: "Oh, yeah!"

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