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King of Fighters '95
Storyline of King of Fighters '95, The
Joe Higashi drops in on Terry and Andy, who are busy training on a small island in the Mediterranean Sea
JOE: "If it isn't my old pals Terry and Andy. Looks like you've been working hard."
TERRY: "Our good buddy Joe. You just get here?"
JOE: "Yup.... Yeah, that reminds me. On the way here I dropped by the hotel and this was waiting there for you."
Joe extends an invitation to King of Fighters to the two.
ANDY: "This?! This is an invitation to the King of Fighters!?"
TERRY: "Huh, again? What's this all about?"
JOE: "Beats me. Oh, and on top of that, I just saw Mai, too..."
ANDY: "Huh? J-just hold on there. You mean Mai's here, too...?"
JOE: "She was. She was here all right, but the minute she saw this invite, she realized you two'd be teaming up, got all peeved, and stormed right back on the plane. You sure know how to make the girls cry, don't you, Andy?"
ANDY: "Just why did she do that?! Hmm. Guess she'll be teaming up with the usual suspects. She's really going to be one tough opponent this time."
TERRY: "Be that as it may, just who's sponsoring this little shindig? Rugal was taken out of the game last time.... Could it possibly be Geese? Or Krauser, perhaps...?!"
JOE: "You may be on to something there. By the by, this came with the KOF invite."
Joe pulls out another letter.
ANDY: "What's this...?"
Terry removes the letter from the envelope and skims it over.
TERRY: "Dear Terry, Andy, and Joe. This letter should be reaching you at the same time you get your invitation to the King of Fighters. Just as before, I am unfortunately unable to take part in this year's event, but I've prepared a little fun for you in this time around. I pray you enjoy it. I'm pulling for you.... Your pal, Geese Howard."
ANDY: "Holy Pernicious Poultry! Just what fiendish scheme has Geese in store for us?!"
JOE: "Hmph. Whatever he's planned, we can pretty much surmise that Geese is not the sponsor for this year's festivities."
ANDY: "Then it's got to be Krauser!"
JOE: "Not so fast, my American hot dog...there's no proof of that."
TERRY: "Well, at any rate, Andy and Joe, that's not important now. If there's a KOF tournament to be held in this world, we, naturally, must be there!"
JOE: "That's the ol' pepper! Whatever the circumstances, we gotta enter and win!"
TERRY: "OK, then. If that's the way it's gonna be, we had better start getting ready."
ANDY: "Yeah!"
JOE: "Oh, yeah! Looks like it's time for me to get a little crazy yet again!"

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