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Chronicles of the Sword
Attractive, brilliant... the brightest student at the Grandall Academy.
No one doubted her skills as her aptitude became more and more apparent under the tutelage of her soldier father.
Ever since she can remember, she was called an "elite," the constant object of everyone's envy and admiration.
She gradually came to expect this, and she did not feel discomfort.... rather it pleased her.
She would stand tall and proud, lending a hand to the weak and breaking the will of the strong.
She came to believe that that was her reason for existence, her rightful place in the world.
Until the day he arrived.
He was in the same class at the academy as her, but he had no exceptional talent or sophistication. He was beneath her.
Yet he possessed an unknown appeal. A certain charm that could not be taught.
Abelia felt a force trying to steal something within her heart.
At the same time, she realized that her sense of justice which was the supporting force of her brilliance, was merely a feeling of superiority and the pleasure of recognition.

A voice spoke to her from nowere:
"Who is this that threatens me?"

She took her sword and shield to defend her own justice.
She headed to the battlefront of her own will, where greed and conflict embraced.

"The justice that protects this land was the justice that protects me..."

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