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Soul Calibur IV
Storyline of Soul Calibur 4
Ivy continued to search for a way to destroy the cursed sword, and arrived at a great empire to the East where she learned of the spirit sword. However, this presented a new problem. The blood of the cursed sword that coursed through Ivy's veins would prevent her from ever wielding the spirit sword. Even if she could find it, she would not be able to use it to destroy the cursed sword.

Ivy interrupted her journey and returned to her family mnsion, where she once again delved into her alchemic research. But jsut as she began to close in on success, her experiements were cut short by a sudden attack. Cervantes, her own cursed, inhuman father, had come to rob his own flesh and blood, to take his daughter's soul.

Ivy lost that deadly fight, and the man nearly consumed her soul entirely, but Ivy had one last chance. She had been searching for the means to fabricate a being that could wield the spirit sword. Iby used the artificial soul that would have animated that being to save her own life instead, but the research had been incomplete. Death would come to her, sooner or later.

Ivy took up the snake sword that was her other half. She had lost much of the soul that connected her to the weapon, but it still responded to her. Yes, she could fight with it. And the new soul she had created, even though mixed with Ivy's own cursed soul, remained pure. Perhaps she could wield the spirit sword now?

Ivy would fullfill her oath and destroy Soul Edge. Resolutely, she set out on her last journey.

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