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King of Fighters '99
Storyline of King of Fighters '99, The
The sound of something covered in a sticky liquid being dragged by something becomes audible.
Following after it, a group of men see a crooked, bright red line trailing down the corridor for a considerable distance.
The pursuers stand fast with guns drawn.
The man looks back.
"Are you talking to me...?"
There's no response to the man's query.
"Whatever, but you will answer my question. Where is he?"
There is no answer. They pull out more guns instead.
Indifferent to the threat, the man begins to walk away. The men train their guns on him.

It all happens in an instant.
A heavy lump reeking of blood is tossed before the men who are about to pull the triggers to their guns.
The mound of meat appears to be a colleague of theirs.
Next, a wind blows through the corridor.
The wind that cradles something heavy and sharp grazes the face of one and the stomach of the other as it mows by them.
In that instant, the men stroked by the wind each let out the highest, most pitiful scream they have ever uttered in their lives.
An alarm rings out.

The man shows no sign of stopping.
He easily deals with the men who appear before him, attempting to block his way.
When he's finished, another pile of hunks of pungent blood and flesh stack up on the floor.
And then something explodes behind him.

The whole area turns into a sea of flames.

The man proceeds unflinchingly forward. The flames that block him are mown aside by blue flames he shoots from his fist.
A figure appears from the swept-away flames. A smile comes to the man's face.
"So, you're here after all? ...Let's see what you're made of!!!"
Just when he appears to turn his back on the man...
"Eat this! Goo-ohhhhh!"

The distance between the man and the shadow is closed in an instant.
The fist enveloped in flame is knocked up to the shadow's head. The sound of breaking bones can be heard.
"You're not him!"
Feeling a strange sensation, he moves the hand to his neck.
The flames reach their apex. The figure that was once there is now a flaming mass.
"No! Where? ...Where is he?!"
A door stands before the man who resumes his forward trek. He tosses away the hunk of goo and kicks down the door.
The same faces and forms of the previous figure are lined up in front of him. He's seen them before.
"What is this? Kyo...!"
He hears a voice from behind.
"Y-Yes, I'm certain. That man...! Y-ya-ya...gaaaah!"
Fingers dig deep into the man's throat and a disagreeable sound follows.
"You know, don't you? Where? Where is he?!"
"I-I-I...I don't!"
The man expires before he can answer.
He snatches a grenade from the dead man's equipment and tosses them at the queue of "Kyos".
The sound of a fierce explosion shakes the room, and the line of "Kyos" becomes a row of dark lumps of flesh.
"It's the same here, too.... Where?! Where is he?!!!"
He shoots flames at the mounds of flesh. The force of the stirred up flames increases and the sound of explosions reverberate through the room.
His scream is loud enough to drown out the sounds of the explosions.
It is different from the scream that time he lost his mind.
The scream that surges up from the his diaphragm is that of one man and one alone: Iori Yagami.

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