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Soul Edge
Hwang Sung Kyung, was born in a poor, yet peaceful family. He grew up strong and healthy despite the warlike age. His childhood memories of his parents were of brave people with a strong sense of justice. However, their righteousness was their downfall. His parents' death was a painful experience to overcome.

Now, he is a man. "I was protected by a lot of people. Now, it is time for me to protect others." He enrolled himself into a dojo to learn the long blade. He had an innate talent for it. He practiced as much as possible. It didn't take him too long to become the best student. At last, he could have a private lesson from the school's master, Seung Han Myong.

Master Seung was happy to have such a talented young student. He had a child who was still small yet very talented. However, one thing worried him about his child. It was a she, instead of a he. Master Seung seemed to be seriously thinking of adopting Hwang as his son.

Master Seung didn't get a chance to talk with Hwang about it. The world was plunged into a dreadful situation. Among the Asian countries, Japan first settled its civil war and started invading the main land.

It is not too late! People rallied under the Sea Force admiral Lee Sun Shin and prepared to defend their mother land against the coming invasion. They started building fortresses along the coast lines. A Coast Guard was formed and Hwang was first to volunteer.

Those who were eager to devote their lives to the savior of their mother land, were fervently talking about the Legendary Patriot Sword, "Soul Edge," that they had heard of from the West.

When the rumor spread to every part of the country, Hwang was ordered to search for Soul Edge.

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