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NEOGEO Battle Coliseum
Storyline of Neo Geo Battle Coliseum
"I thought for sure I'd see my brother here..."
Just how long had she continued her journey looking for her missing older brother? That day six years ago she had lost her entire family. Even though she still puts up a cheerful front, she has not been able to forget this one day. But based on the unreliable leads on her older brother, the search has proven a difficult one.
"I guess I should admit this is hopeless.... Hunh?
Whats up, Itokatsu?"
Her pet sable Itokatsu has picked up a scrap of paper.
It looks like a page from a magazine.
"Battle Coliseum? ...Ah, this guy!"
It was a blurry picture, but it did show a man resembling her brother. An image seared into her memory. No name or information was listed, but surely he was among the entrants. "I just may be able to find big brother here...I've got to try!"

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