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Soul Calibur IV
Storyline of Soul Calibur 4
"Father, we leave today."

Hilde was having an audience with the king in a closed stone chamber at the very top of the castle tower. Since the destruction known as the Evil Seed had swept across the kingdom, her father had been lost in a fog of madness and confined to this tiny, lonely cell. She had never been able to put that woeful event behind her, but weakness was not an option. The survival of the kingdom of Wolfkrone depended on her now.

Hilde prepared herself to lead her army into battle, and then donned her armour and helm. She thought back to an incident several days earlier; upon coming to the assistance of a troop of mercenaries traveling through Wolfkrone, she had learned that a man called Siegfried was about to enter Ostrheinsburg alone. Hilde found Siegfried and contrived to meet him, thinking they could work together towards a common goal, but the knight would have nothing to do with her; he would take on the cursed sword alone.

Hilde took it as a sign; perhaps the dawn her kingdom had prayed for all these years was finally coming to end their long nightmare.

At daybreak, she gave the command for all the forces of Wolfkrone to march. She herself rode at the head of the army, her thoughts heavy. Would she be able to lead her kingdom to a new dawn?

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