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Soul Calibur V
Storyline of Soul Calibur 5
Under constant threat from Soul Edge's forces in neighboring Ostrheinsburg, The Kingdom of Wolfkrone teetered on the brink of destruction. Princess Hilde led her army to victory against the cursed sword, but the battle poisoned the land and robbed it of any decent future. After painful deliberation, Hilde ordered an exodus from her kingdom.

As she journeyed from nation to nation, negotiating for land to resettle her people, she also searched for a means to purify Wolfkrone. The war against Soul Edge may have ended, but the battle to restore her homeland continued.

One day, she received a message from her sworn friend Siegfried: An army of malfested, organized by an unknown party, intended to lay claim to her befouled kingdom.

Hilde reassembled her army and prepared to fight alongside Siegfried; she would never surrender the land that was her people's birthright. Hilde knew she may not live to see her subjects' safe return to Wolfkrone, but her two children might.

"I am not alone. Behind me stand the brave people of Wolfkrone, and the children who will succeed us!"

And so it was that, with hope in her heart, Hilde raised her sword and spear and set to her cause...

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