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King of Fighters '95
Storyline of King of Fighters '95, The
One day, Heidern, the leader of the band of mercenaries, is tormented by nightmares and wakes in a cold sweat.
HEIDERN: "Bah. Yet again...? More dreams of Sandra and Clara.... Even though Rugal is gone, your souls are still not at peace...."
The next day, while Heidern is drilling his underlings, Clark bursts in.
CLARK: "Leader! Th-this was just delivered!"
Ralf, who was training the troops under Heidern's direction, hears the commotion and approaches the two.
HEIDERN: "Hey?! What's going on with you two?!"
RALF: "An invitation to King of Fighters?! And what's with this "R" here...?!"
Heidern silently opens the letter and reads its contents.
HEIDERN: "So that's it...? If this "R" signifies Rugal...No, even if it's not Rugal, if Interpol weren't involved, this thing would have never found its way to me. The honor of this squad is at stake, so we've only but to join this tournament."
RALF: "Leader. You probably know this already, but you can't join it by yourself."
CLARK: "He's got that right. If you're going, count us in, too."
HEIDERN: "Hmph. Those were my original plans. Well, then! Ralf! Clark! We're presently headed to KOF on a special mission."
RALF, CLARK: "Sir, yes, sir!"
HEIDERN: "This "R." It's gotta be Rugal.... He can't be alive.... Rugal, you slime! You're mustache is mine!"

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