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Gulab Jamun
a.k.a. Swami
Naughty Dog
Shuma-Gorath (Marvel Super Heroes vs Street Fighter) says...
I seek eternal power!
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Pre History
Gulab Jamun was originally a full-fledged member of the tournament. Hailing from India, Gulab was trained in the arts of mind over body and spirit over soul. During pre-tournament training, however, Gulab's dark nature became evident.

Actually an ancient evil spirit, Gulab Jamun has survived the centuries by possessing the most powerful creatures he comes in contact with. Surviving for 25 years in the body of a Bengal tiger, Gulab was hunting one morning when he stumbled upon the secluded hut of an Indian Swami. Sensing strength of mind in the young man, and desiring reentry into the world of humans, Gulab transferred his spirit from the tiger into the Swami's body. Years later as the Swami's body ages, Gulab entered the tournament to find a new host.

Banished from the tournament for using possession as an attack, Gulab has sworn vengeance on the tournament denizens. Possessing competitors, Gulab forces the strongest warriors to his native land to do battle with them. Beware.

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