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Soul Edge
"Leave me alone Father! I am determined to find the sword." Seung Mina struggled against her father's grip as she tried to leave his school at Chii mountain in Korea.

"Stupid girl! Get back inside now!"

"You treat me like a baby! I'm doing this for our country!"

Having been born into a strict family of martial arts teachers, Mina grew up surrounded by weapons. She has excellent knowledge of martial arts and her horse-sword technique is superior to even her father's. However, because of her cute looks, she had been teased by the neighberhood boys and treated like a girl.

"If you ever call me 'cutey' again, I'll beat you with something harder than this stick!"

There were a lot of beaten boys in Mina's neighborhood. Her father, Han Myong taught her to be well disciplined and always to be faithful and true. She grew up healthy and strong. Han Myong thought "She's strongwilled, but it's all right if she stays here and obeys me."

However, the independent girl has other thoughts on her mind. The ever-changing political situation in Korea had become serious, too serious to be called peace. War and invasion was avoided only by the fact that other countries were embroiled in their own problems. However, neighboring Japan geared up for outward expansion and conquest.

In these troubled times, suppression was turned to as a means of control. Everyone living in that difficult period knew what that meant, "You could be next...". In preparation for invasion from neighboring countries, the patriotic people of Korea begin to build fortresses along their shores. Their leader is Le Shin Jin, the admiral of the coastal defense force.

Then a rumor emerges of the "Patriot Sword - Soul Edge". The rumor spreads faster than the blink of an eye and eventually reaches Mina's ears. Mina has grown into a patriotic young maiden. Barred from joining the coastal defense force because of her gender, she jumped at this opportunity.

"If I find this sword, I can save my country. I must look for it!"

After packing, she set out on her journey. But her father discovered what she was up to and caught her. "Hwang has already been sent after the sword by government order. What if the rumors are false?"

Hwang Sung Kyung was the best student and swordsman at her father's school. He had already started his search for the weapon. There was a possibility that the rumor could be another scheme, but Mina had already decided to leave. "I am sorry, father!"

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