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Soul Calibur IV
Storyline of Soul Calibur 4
Was he truly a father Bangoo could be proud of? Rock needed proof, and so he continued his hunt for Soul Edge. However, an unexpected road block had cut that search short. As he crossed the Alps and headed south, he had been ambushed by a gargantuan man, and lost.

By throwing himself off the cliff into the river below, he had narrowly escaped his unknown foe, and found his way to a secluded hot spring where he could heal his battered body. During the time he spent recovering, Rock's thoughts wandered toward his assailant, the "Black Giant." It bothered him that the assailant's fighting style was so similar to Rock's own. Then there was the attacker's merciless nature. He was dangerous, too dangerous to be allowed to run loose. With new resolve, he waited for his wounds to heal and the strength to return to his limbs, and then left the hot spring.

As he continued his journey, he discovered a startling fact; his attacker, named Astaroth, had entered the service of the Azure Knight, who was headuartered in Ostrheinsburg Castle, and the Azure Knight was none other than the wielder of Soul Edge.

Was fate the architect of all this? To Rock, the journey becamse not only about finding "proof," but instead something much bigger.

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