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Soul Edge
He it a giant living on the Savannah of the New World.
He was born "Nathaniel William Adams" in England. He was nicknamed "Rock" because of his strength. His father ran a curio store specializing in rare weapons and was always taken with strange antiquities. He had a loving mother and with it, an idyllic childhood; until that fateful day...

"Rock, look at the 'Soul Edge'. Isn't it a beauty?"

His father's wish had finally been fulfilled. He showed his son the sword in the ship's cabin. "At last, 'Soul Edge', the hero's sword..."

The storm that buffeted the ship scared young Rock to the point of tears. His Father was too excited to even notice. His mother, frustrated, led Rock to the hammock. Just then, cannon fire sounded and the ship rocked from a direct hit! Rock screamed in terror. His Father and Mother held him tight as the cries of the crew echoed: "Pirates!"

The Spanish pirate Cervantes, confederate of Vercci, the Italian "Merchant of Death," had started his attack. His goal was none other than "Soul Edge." Father ran to the ship's storeroom to hide the"Soul Edge," After another explosion, Rock's Mother ran after to stop him.

"Rock, stay here until we return!" His parents never did. Before they could, the ship sank. Rock awoke on an unfamiliar shoreline, alone

At first, Rock cried out, looking for his parents. Eventually he learned to live off the land to survive; discarding former habits and language.

It was at this point that he first came upon other living people, a tribe native to the area. Afraid of the "white giant," they would not approach him. The child Bangoo, an orphan of tribal warfare, was the sole consolation for Rock, who was now an adult. From the natives, Rock re-learnt about the "people across the ocean." Faded memories of his parents and even "Soul Edge" returned.

He remembered having heard the words "Soul Edge." It was a word he had heard often as a child. At bedtime, mealtime, while being held in someone's arms ... a hazy image formed in his mind. If he could find the "Soul Edge," perhaps he could recover his own past. He might even find his parents!

With his giant ax in hand, Rock set out for the land across the sea.

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