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Soul Calibur IV
Storyline of Soul Calibur 4
Once there was a war between the two swords that shook the world. To Scheherazade, storyteller of her people, this tale was of great interest. So she stipped past the watchful eyes of the elders who had concealed themselves in the woods' deepest depths so long ago and went off into the outside world. And though she found herself tangled up in countless troubles, she still managed to sate her vast curiosity; only to be taken back to the woods again in the end.

Had curiosity been Scheherazade's only crime, her transgressions might have been overlooked. However, she had gone too far; forbidden love! Normally, the price would have been death, but Scheherazade was instead locked away in an arboreal prison. There she spent an eternity thinking of the man she loved, a young warrior who would become the founding faher of Wolfkrone. Eventually, her time was served, and the elders opened her prison door. But Scheherazade showed no signs of remorse. Instead, she ran yet again from the confines of the wood, leaving the elders crying woefully in her wake.

Scheherazade's people lived much, much longer lives than humans. The vicissitudes of the outside world were swift as a shallow brook. Surely her beloved had departed this life long ago, but he must have left some legacy, and she was determined to find what it was for herself. After all, what storyteller fails to see her own tale through to the end?

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