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Soul Calibur V
Storyline of Soul Calibur 5
Planted firmly in the earth before the warrior stood a katana; purple flames rippled and danced about it.

The sword had a name: Yoshimitsu. It was a demonic blade, steeped in the evil of Soul Edge and ever thirsty for blood.

The sword's last owner, too had been called Yoshimitsu - by bestowing his own name upon the blade, he had sealed its evil power. But he had been cut down just moments earlier by his dearest desciple, a young warrior well-versed in the arts of Manji Ninjutsu. The desciple made a vow: He would see through the mission Yoshimitsu had begun.

He reached out and gripped the sword. The flames licked at his hand, but his voice did not waver as he called out:

"I am Yoshimitsu The Second! Calm thyself!"

The flames subsided. The sword had accepted him as the new Yoshimitsu.

Only one man was allowed to carry that name; the title was earned by slaying its previous holder. And so it was that a new warrior, overcoming sorrow and doubt, would continue the fight against evil.

Yoshimitsu, leader of the chivalrous Manji Clan, savior of the weak, enemy of the strong - it was a name that brought hope to the people.

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