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Soul Calibur IV
Storyline of Soul Calibur 4
Maxi had come to a trading port in India to pay his respects to his friends who had been murdered by grotesque creatures, and renew his vow to avenge them. There he reunited with Kilik and Xianghua, and long-forgotten memories came flooding back. But while Maxi's body was a host to a fragment of the cursed sword and Kilik held a piece of the Dvapara-Yuga, they could not journey together. Thus, Maxi had to make a painful decision to turn his back on his friends and their entreaties, and leave them behind.

Maxi went to the woods to take shelter from a squall, and as he brooded there in the darkness, he was visited by a disciple of the cursed sword. A girl who had fallen into darkness. "I know about him, you know," she whispered eerily. "That mud puppet you're chasing." The enemy against whom he had sword revenge was growing stronger, she continued. Maxi's current strength was no match for that monster; there was only one way, Soul Edge. Only with the power of the cursed sword could he win.

Maxi continued to stare her down in silent malice, but she had him now. In parting, she told him of Ostrheinsburg, the cursed land. That was where he could find both Soul Edge and his revenge.

The rain had stopped, but the menacing dark clouds lingered in the sky, blocking the rays of the sun.

(It's so dark.)

Maxi noticed now that the path leading deeper into the forest was covered by folded curtains of shadows. It was darker than anything he had ever seen, but he would brave the darkness. Each step Maxi tok was heavy and slow, and his legs seemed to creak with pain, but he did not stop.

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