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a.k.a. Onimaru
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Cyber Akuma (Marvel Super Heroes vs Street Fighter) says...
Kill... Destroy... That's all I know...
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Super Fighter
Storyline of Super Fighter
Onimaru is a descendant of the Iga ninja group, and had his face disfigured in a mission. For twenty years, he has been hunting for an international drug broker whose true identity remains a mystery. The only things known about this wicked man are that he has radical thoughts, is planning to dominate the world with drugs, and that he is a good fighter. Getting rid of this drug broker is the main reason that Onimaru entered the Super Fighter tournament.

Since Onimaru is a ninja, he is an expert in performing strange, varied moves. These moves are all fatal, and his terrible outlook fills his opponents with fear, even before fighting with him.

However, Onimaru also has a warm heart, and he loves children. He has always wished to take care of the abandoned children who wander the streets. Hopefully, after arresting the drug broker, he can open an orphanage and live with these lovely children forever.

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