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Chronicles of the Sword
In the stillness of time, he bequeathed the name "Absolution" upon the lance that possessed a part of his very being

As a soldier, he did not have a specific means for winning, rather he was simply driven to win.
This gratified him, and as well, he believed that this honored those who risked their lives for their country. Ambushes and stealth attacks at night, his tactics were considered almost ruthless--but in such a time of chaos, victory was the only justice in the world.

Girardot of Grandall.
There was once a time when he was accused of selling his soul to the accursed sword that had been passed along throughout the land.
Despite the shower of accusations and countless arguments made against him, there was nothing stronger than his will to overcome such a tragic fate.

When he came to be responsible for his underlings at the Academy, self-doubt began to grow.
One after another, his pupils would be sent to war, vowing to return to his guidance but not a single one being fulfilled.

He came to realize his sins, when he received news that the young girl that he'd regarded as a daughter, was killed in action.

Girardot was fostering death.
His pupils' lives had become instruments of war, and in turn he was instructing them on how to die.
His very position as an instructor was founded on the corpses of his young students.

He had to face reality and stand firm.
He would become the shield and lance for the country and its people; this was the path of atonement that he chose to follow.

Standing on the very line between reality and ideals, he faced a battle that he'd never experienced before, and vowed unto the lance that possessed his very being, never to make the same mistake again.

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