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Star Gladiator Endings
Storyline of Star Gladiator
"I can't win! If I free my wife and daughter, I'll have
to destroy the human race to do it. But I can't live
without them..." And so... Gerelt surrendered himself
to Earth's United Forces. Two months later, he received
judgement on the crimes he committed...Ready to accept
the death penalty, Gerelt listened to the judge.
"The accused is sentenced to five years in prison."
Astonished by the verdict, Gerelt looks up and sees his
family. Through the help of his adoring fans, Gerelt's family was rescued from prison and the truth about how Bilstein blackmailed him was revealed...
Overjoyed with happiness, Gerelt runs toward his
family, hugs them with all the passion in his heart
and cries, "Thank God for your mercy. Thank God!"

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