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Storyline of Darkstalkers
The power of the great Pharaoh Anakaris the First spread wide throughout Egypt, and he founded a grand royal house to rule over the Nile valley. Pharaoh Anakaris would often use the phrase "Epitome of Prosperity" to describe his kingdom.

"In order to preserve this propserity, entomb my remains in a pyramid after my death. This way, I will be able to ascend as a god and protect the future of my people."

Anakaris' vassals obediently proceeded to construct a pyramid for their pharaoh. Eventually, Anakaris was struck down in a battle against a rival kingdom, and he found himself upon his deathbed. Anakaris' remains were reverently delivered to his final resting place within the pyramid.

After some time, Anakaris regained consciousness in total darkness. He found that he no longer possessed his mortal form, but he was able to freely manipulate the golden mask and layered wrappings that covered his body.

"I did it! I have returned!"

The intense joy he felt was quickly replaced with shock and despair when he climbed to the peak of his pyramid and looked down upon his realm. The prosperity he had once known was gone without a trace, and was replaced with a barren stretch of desert. In that moment, Anakaris instinctively knew that he had awakened in a world that was thousands of years beyond his own time. He also knew that he would now have to correct whatever mistake he had made that would have led to the extinction of his people.

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