Frieza / Freeza, Freezer Variations

Akira Toriyama

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Pre History
A villainous alien slumlord, Frieza hired and/or enslaved mercenaries to exterminate the life on planets so that he could auction them off. One such race that he had enslaved was the Saiyans. During one of his missions, the Saiyan Bardock would receive the power of foresight, and obtained knowledge that Frieza would turn against the Saiyans and destroy them all. Desperately, Bardock attempted to warn his people, but none would listen. Frieza ended up destroying the entire planet, killing every member of the race present at the time, including Bardock.

A couple of decades later, Frieza learned of magical orbs known as "Dragon Balls" that would grant the possessor a wish. Frieza planned to go to the planet in which these items were, Namek, and wish for immortality.

Earth's mightiest warriors were also headed to Namek to use the Dragon Balls to wish their friends back to life - their own Dragon Balls were rendered inert due to their creator's death. A wild card in this struggle for the Balls was the Saiyan Prince Vegeta, previously one of Frieza's platoon.

After the defeat of his most powerful soldiers, Frieza took to fighting Vegeta and Earth's warriors, himself. Increasing his power multiple times via transformation, he made short work of Krillin, Piccolo, and Gohan, and even killed Vegeta. Goku arrived to fight, and Frieza blew up Krillin. Seeing his best friend murdered before his eyes awakened the Super Saiyan power within Goku.

Goku and Frieza battled; most of the time, Goku had the upper hand. Frieza aims a Death Ball attack at Namek's core, which causes it to begin to rupture. During the fight, Frieza accidentally vivisects himself with his own Kienzan disc attacks. Goku determines himself the winner, the humbled, shaken, handicapped tyrant slowly fading. Out of pity, Goku gives Frieza a tiny bit of energy to cling to life with. Goku begins to leave Namek, when Frieza launches an attack at his back. In anger, Goku sends an attack right back at him, defeating him. Goku then escapes before the planet explodes.

Frieza's dying torso was found by his father, King Cold. Cold's henchmen rebuilt Frieza with cybernetics, creating a more powerful "Mecha Frieza". King Cold and Frieza headed to Earth to enact revenge on Goku and his friends.

Unfortunately for Frieza, Goku was training on the planet Yardrat and had yet to return to Earth. Frieza and King Cold arrived and were confronted by a mysterious young man with a sword. After becoming a Super Saiyan easily defeating the father-and-son duo's henchman, the teenager simply sliced Frieza in half, then diced him into tiny pieces, and destroyed them with a ki blast. Frieza's reign was over.

Frieza returned to Earth years later when the demon crime lord Janemba opened a rift in Hell. Frieza challenged Goku's son Gohan, but the teenaged half-Saiyan killed Frieza once more, with a single punch to the stomach.

Frieza would again cause trouble for Goku when the Saiyan had been sent to Hell during Dr. Gero and Dr. Myuu's Android 17 plot. Frieza teamed up with Cell to battle Goku, but they were eventually conquered.

Frieza is Cooler's brother
Mecha Frieza was once known as Frieza
King Cold is Frieza's father

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