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Storyline of Darkstalkers
Oh man, it's raining today. I knew it. I couldn't stop yawning yesterday, and that always means rain. Does this mean I'm more cat than woman...? Though I admit it's a nifty little perk. This is the first day of my big journey, and it's raining... that kind of sucks. Oh, well. I dry pretty quickly anyway.

I don't have very many good memories in this town, but there are some really nice people here... like the nun at the church who took me in and cared for me. She nurtured me even after she realized that I'm a monster. Of course, she's dead now...

I wonder if everyone is afraid of me? I know my hands and feet look like paws, I have a tail, my nose is really sensitive, I have bad posture (I should probably fix that), and I may have transformed into a kitten in order to steal a fish... but I paid for the fish afterwards. Still, everyone left me out of their little groups, and no one would ever play with me. It's not like I did anything bad (well, anything too bad)...

Anyway, I've already made up my mind. I'm going to leave this little town and explore the big wide world. If I become this thing called a musical star, maybe then everyone will say nice things to me. I would get to play all I want! I'm pretty confident about my dancing and singing, and I'm quite a looker. My claws are pretty useful in teaching bad people a lesson, too. If I keep doing the right thing, God will reward me some day, right?

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