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The man known only as the Executioner lives for torture. Thriving off the pain and misery he inflicts, he has carved a successful empire from catering to the torture needs of the Covenant of Seven. Employing every pain-inflicting device known to humankind, the Executioner has created a vast and well-stocked dungeon located on his legendary island fortress of El Katraz. None living except a few loyal to the Executioner know the whereabouts of the island.

Some say the Executioner's childhood was filled with pain and misery. None will know for sure, for all traces of his early life have been erased. It is rumored, though, that the great axe he wields is the same demonic blade that sliced through the Crusaders' ranks during the attacks on Jerusalem centuries ago.

The Executioner likes to play a certain game with his prisoners. At sunrise, he will let a prisoner loose, offering them freedom if they can find a means of escape off the island by the following sunset. The Executioner then hunts them down and brings them back to his dungeon for an especially painful death. No prisoners have ever escaped; many throw themselves to the waiting sharks rather than face being recaptured and flayed alive.

Now, war has broken out between the Seven and Asmodeus. Seeing an opportunity to control a vast empire himself, the Executioner puts his considerable skills to the test in killing Asmodeus and gaining control of the Mace.

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