Broly (DragonBall XenoVerse 2) says...
I am going to bathe this place in your blood!
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Pre History
Xavier always made poor career choices, so it was no surprise that his last job should end in failure. After nailing still-smoking horseshoes onto the mayor's prized workhorse, Xavier found himself with a shack full of smithy tools and no job.

Stirred by a love for science, Xavier decided to try his hand at alchemy, the age-old quest for the formula which would turn lead into gold. Instead, he found a way to create an unlimited source of cheap, clean-burning energy which would put Salem on the map forever. In addition, Xavier found his alchemy had changed him, giving him strange new powers.

Before he could begin to use this power and document it for the good of future generations, Xavier found himself bound and gagged as the people of Salem carted him off to the town square. There they burned him at the stake for the false charge of being a warlock.

While some of Xavier's powers could be mistaken for witchcraft, they are all based on real science.

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