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Pre History
R.A.X. (Robotic Artificial eXoskeleton) is a cyborg. Once, Coswell was one of the best human kickboxers in the year 2345. Coswell's only problem was that the sport was no longer about human competition, but a battle between cyborgs, robotically-enhanced human beings. Since the cyborgs could take and deliver more damage, the crowds began to stop attending the human fights for the excitement provided by these new robotic combatants.

Given these changes, R.A.X. had no choice but to get cybernetic implants and join the crooked fight game which was run by a deceitful fight promoter. R.A.X. didn't trust this promoter, but needed his financial support to afford the cybernetic implant operation.

After the operation, R.A.X. rose through the ranks and won the right to take on the champion. He was killed as a result of the corrupt fight promoter trading R.A.X.'s life for a sure bet on the championship fight.

The promoter used an advanced electronic virus planted in R.A.X.'s cybernetic brain during the implant operation to shut down all of his vital systems. This shutdown was seconds before he was about to deliver the fatal blow to the reigning champion.

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