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Tough luck,guys,you got the short straw with me.
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Pre History
Born in an era of crime bosses and racketeering, Larcen grew up respecting and idolizing the many powerful crime bosses who ruled the streets. As a youth, he went to work for Mr. Taglalini, one of the most powerful bosses.

Under his wing, Larcen grew up to be one of the world's best cat burglars. He did many illegal jobs for Mr. Taglalini, including the planting of illegal evidence in other crime boss hideouts. There was one thing Larcen wouldn't do, and that was kill. Instead, he used martial arts to stop and drop his attackers.

One day, Mr. Taglalini asked Larcen to plant a package on a supposed crime boss who was recovering in the hospital. When he entered the room that supposedly contained the boss, he instead found the now-recovering Chief of Police, who had been hurt in a prior assassination attempt. It seemed that the mob wanted the chief dead because he was incorruptible, and was about to declare war on the mob.

Larcen suddenly realized that he had been set up. The package he carried probably contained a bomb. At this moment, Larcen decided that he had chosen the wrong side. He wouldn't kill. Larcen attempted to throw the bomb out the window, but it was too late.

The bomb explosion not only killed both Larcen and the chief, but also most of the people in the hospital, including several youngsters in the children's wing.

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