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My every victory signifies the crumbling of justice!
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Pre History
Jetta was always a rebel; as a youth she changed her given Russian name to Jetta Maxx to sound more like a performer.

Born in Russia, cousin to Czar Nicholas II, Jetta traveled the world as a performer in a famous international circus. During her many travels, which included visits to France and Indonesia, she learned gymnastics and martial arts.

In 1899, her circus troop visited China. At the time, China was being ripped apart by the Boxer rebellion, the Chinese attempt to rid their homeland of foreigners. Unfortunately, many innocent Chinese were also dying.

Spurred by her compassion, Jetta decided to help infiltrate the Yihe Quang, or "Righteous Harmony Fists" and get them to turn their ways to pacifism before the major foreign powers brought all their military forces to bear. In addition, Jetta foresaw that Russia's involvement in the fighting of the East would further weaken her own government's stability.

Before Jetta was able to bring a peaceful end to the fighting and change the history of Russia and China, she fell victim to an act of sabotage by a radical from the Yihe Quang. Jetta's safety net and tension wire cut, Jetta plummeted to her death during the grand finale, a command performance for the crown emperor of China.

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