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Pre History
A brilliant scientist under the employ of the Red Ribbon Army, Dr. Gero was in charge of the army's automaton division, creating Androids to use as soldiers. Upon the disbanding of the Red Ribbon Army due to Goku's decimation of their ranks, Gero worked for years to formulate a revenge plot against the young Saiyan - even though they had never met. At one point, his own age and health began to turn against him, so he had his brain implanted into an Android body resembling his own human form, thus becoming Android 20.

With Android 19, Gero attacked Earth's warriors. Goku, now grown up, began to suffer from a heart disease he contracted in space. The heroes' side of the fight was taken up by Vegeta and Piccolo; Vegeta destroyed 19, while Gero was severely beaten by Piccolo. Desperate, Gero fled to his lab, where he dispatched the twin cyborgs 17 and 18. In rebellion, 17 kicked off Gero's head and stomped on it.

Years later, Gero met up with the Machine Mutant Scientist Dr. Myu in Hell. Together, they fashioned a second Android 17, which they used in conjunction with the original (who was on Earth) to open a portal between Hell and Earth, thus letting thousands of villains escape into the realm of the living.

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