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Battle in Metro-China
Storyline of Tao Feng: Fist of the Lotus
Aria Chen is a remarkable young woman. She has always been single-minded, determined and fearless, and years of training with Lo Shu have made her a formidable fighter. But beyond that, she is the direct descendant of the line of Master Sages, and their power is alive in her; it makes her wise beyond her years and Lo Shu is considering that maybe she should be the next Master Sage, even though she is female and traditionally it was forbidden for anyone other than a male blood relative to earn the title.

She is more serious than most women her age, less concerned with the trivial matters of life, and more focused on what is essential. If anything, she is too serious, and that is the weakness that Lo Shu sees in Aria. She is so obsessed with being worthy of her role in the Pale Lotus, she doesn't let herself relax and enjoy life.

Master Sage is Jade Dragon's father
Master Sage taught Jade Dragon

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